FBC Youth Ministry Motto: Come as you are but leave changed!!
This is not your normal youth ministry! Here at FBC we are devoted to bring teens into meaningful and authentic realtionships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have three separate ways to meet particular needs of youth. Either by using engaging programs to teach teens the Bible or Biblical principles, or by using high-powered material to allow them to grow deeper in their relationship with God, teens will have an opportunity to experience God like they never have before. Here are the three programs that we have.
U-Turn- What does that mean? Exactly what it says! U-Turn your life around. U-Turn is for teens who have been Christians for a long time or for someone who maybe is not so sure what this whole Christian thing is about. We allow the opportunity to find God in a relaxed, fun-filled environment. At U-Turn we use games, Video Based Curriculum, and engaging teaching, to show the reality of God to teens.
(Sunday Nights - 4:30 - 5:55)
Ignite- Ignite is all about Igniting the fire for Christ inside through deep meaningful worship and Spirit-lead Bible Study. At Iginite we encourage youth to truly seek God and His will for them. Ignite is very contemporary and more informal than a typical Sunday service.
(Wednesday Nights 7:30- We dont have a set ending time. We let the spirit lead us)
Sunday Morning Bible Study- This is the time where youth can learn about the Bible with friends. Our Sunday School curriculum is inteded for youth to learn with each other, while also engaging each other by asking questions and sharing their opinions on the weekly topic.
(Sunday Morning (9:45- 10:45)
Here at FBC we want youth to have every opportunity to seek and experience God. We look forward to youth joing us as we learn and worship Christ together.